The 2020 Mid-Year Economic Update_long
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MDM’s new report, Markets Forecast, offers quarterly revenue projections for the wholesale distribution industry, plus breakouts for select categories, for the current calendar quarter and the next fiscal year. The inaugural Forecast looks at post-pandemic projections for distributors as a whole, plus specific sectors.
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What does the new normal look like in a socially distanced business environment? MDM examines what’s on the horizon for both strategic and financial deals, as well as for prospective buyers and sellers, in a world still dealing with the COVID-19 coronavirus.
During the past few months, lighting distributor pivoted to a new customer segment yet also leaned on such core beliefs as strong marketing and data to sustain its business during the pandemic. CEO Mike Connors shared some of the companys COVID-19 playbook.
In a recent MDM webcast, Navigating the New Now as a Distributor, Epicors Emma Vas and Mark Jensen discussed key trends that are emerging to help distribution companies thrive. Distributors are finding ways to boost revenue, negotiate supplier relationships, optimize inventory and streamline social distancing.