IWDC Announces 13 Vendor Additions

The latest additions include a supplier of welding filler metal consumables and a provider of succession planning resources.

On Jan 27, the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative announced that it added nine new vendor partners in 2022, as well as four suppliers since the start of 2023.

“2022 was a busy year for the co-op as we added nine new Vendors,” said Keith Werkley, Vice President of Sales & Vendor Management. “2023 is starting off the same as we approved four additional supplier programs, effective January 1.”

Here is a list of the newest additions in chronological, according to IWDC:

  • Kalas – Manufacturer of welding cable and copper wire
  • Witt Gas Controls LP – Manufacturer of a complete range of gas safety and gas control equipment
  • Fein Power Tools – Manufacturer of power tools for professional metal workers
  • Protective Industrial Products, Canada – Supplier of hand protection and PPE
  • Career Plug – Online hiring platform designed to be used by non-HR staff
  • Global Rare Gases – Supplier of purified rare gases and other specialty gases
  • Flextur – Manufacturer of Workstations Systems featuring patented Gridlok.
  • Business Incentive Credits – Consulting firm specializing in tax incentives and credits
  • Macurco Gas Detection – Manufacturer of fixed and portable gas detection monitors
  • Victory Welding Alloys – Supplier of welding filler metal consumables
  • Hydrostat, Inc. – Provider of cylinder re-qualification, repair and refurbishing services
  • Prairie Family Business Association – Provider of succession planning resources to family businesses to help with business continuity challenges
  • Office 360 – Provider of office and break room interior design and supplier of furniture, cleaning supplies, and office supplies

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