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The most popular MDM news stories; Wolseley and Stock Building Supply dominate this year's list.

Hagemeyer North America, Charleston, SC, has launched a new e-commerce Web site at www.hagemeyerna.com. The redesigned site offers enhanced features and intuitive navigation to make the customers' shopping experience fast and easy.

"Our team has spent months incorporating our customers' feedback to develop a site that helps them more economically satisfy their need for MRO products and services," says Greg Tabor, director of e-business.

Changes include a multi-faceted, comprehensive search capability, virtual versions of Hagemeyer North America's Safety, Electrical, Industrial and Sustainability print catalogs, and customizable features including bookmarks, order templates and customer-specific catalogs.

Hagemeyer North America, Inc., is a distributor of products and ...

Hagemeyer North America has launched its 2009-2010 Green Book:Sustainable Solutions. The catalog contains 220 pages with 1,500 products and solutions from more than 60 Hagemeyer supplier partners. This is the second year Hagemeyer has offered a catalog dedicated to sustainable products.

"We take economic, social, ethical and environmental issues very seriously," says Brad Pulver, Hagemeyer North America senior vice president, Product Strategy & Marketing. "We believe it's our responsibility not only to combine common sense with keen business sense for a sustainable approach to business, but to serve as a solutions-provider for our customers who are eager to do the same."

Hagemeyer's Green Book is divided into six sections: Energy Management, Test & Measure, Building Products, Water ...

Hagemeyer North America, Charleston, SC, has launched its 2009-2010 Electrical MRO catalog. The 642-page catalog is the first full-line Electrical MRO products catalog produced by Hagemeyer NA and features 12,845 electrical products from more than 100 Hagemeyer suppliers.
Hagemeyer North America recognized a need for a catalog aimed specifically at the electrical MRO industry, says Brad Pulver, senior vice president, Product Strategy and Marketing. "Our new catalog showcases products and services that satisfy the unique needs of our customers in this market. By compiling this assortment of products from industry-leading manufacturers, and supporting it with inventory investments and attractive pricing, we have created a one-stop-shop for the key ...
Hagemeyer has released its 2008-2009 Safety Products catalog. The 652-page catalog features safety, industrial hygiene, and firefighting products.
We carefully selected a comprehensive assortment of products that will meet the needs of our customers,"says Brad Pulver, senior vice president, product strategy and marketing. "In addition, we have designed the product assortment to assist customers in experiencing a 'one-stop'shopping experience, allowing our customer to focus on their core business or service, by not having to waste time on finding safety products from multiple sources."
Hagemeyer's user-friendly catalog is an expanded version of the original safety catalog and now includes products for the industrial, governmental and industrial hygiene ...
Paris-based electrical distributor Rexel completed the sale of parts of Hagemeyer to Sonepar ahead of schedule, completing the deal June 30. Rexel also sold its German business to Sonepar in exchange for all of Sonepar's activities in Sweden.
Rexel acquired Dutch distributor Hagemeyer NV in March in a $4.7 billion deal that included plans to sell Hagemeyer's North American, Asian-Pacific and selected European businesses to Sonepar within six months of the acquisition.
The completion of the deal allows the businesses to move forward with the creation of action plans to improve business performance and achieve desired synergies, Rexel CEO Jean-Charles Pauze said.
Sonepar told MDM earlier this year that it will likely keep Hagemeyer's North American ...
When customers started asking for more environmentally friendly options, Hagemeyer North America recognized an opportunity to meet customer needs and help the environment at the same time. The distributor created an all-green catalog.
A lot of these products are products that we already offered; this catalog is just the first time we've collected them into one vehicle,"says Brad Pulver, Hagemeyer North America's vice president for product strategy.
Most environmental offerings focus on electrical, because that's the easiest, Pulver says. But Hagemeyer wants to provide a broad range of products across all three of the distributor's service areas: electrical, industrial and safety.
Hagemeyer will continue expanding the catalog offerings as suppliers ...
Hagemeyer introduced a new Green Products catalog. The full-color catalog features industrial, electrical, and safety products from many of Hagemeyer's supplier partners that promote environmental sustainability.
Most competitors feature environmentally-friendly products from a single segment, usually electrical since lighting and energy provides such great opportunities,"says James Sipe, vice president of Product Strategy. "However, Hagemeyer has carefully selected an array of products to support broad customer sustainability goals. The catalog also showcases value-added services that set us apart, including complete turnkey solutions for lighting and energy audits, chemical recycling, and universal waste recycling such as lamps and ballast disposal."
The ...
Sonepar USA CEO Tony Burr recently spoke with MDM on the distributor's plans to buy Hagemeyer assets, the state of the economy and the impact of copper and fuel prices on the electrical distributor's business. In this article, Burr says Sonepar will treat the acquisition of certain Hagemeyer assets much like it does other acquisitions by keeping management and the company's way of doing things in place.
Sonepar will likely keep Hagemeyer as a standalone operation after acquiring certain of its assets from Rexel. The plan will probably be to keep it as a standalone operation,"Tony Burr, Sonepar USA CEO, tells MDM. "It has a different customer base, predominantly, and a different market approach."
Sonepar USA's parent company -Paris-based Sonepar -has agreed ...
Sonepar USA plans to approach the integration of Hagemeyer's U.S. assets much like it does any other company it acquires, CEO Tony Burr tells MDM in a recent interview. It has a different customer base, predominantly, and a different market approach," he says. Sonepar has not yet acquired Dutch electrical distributor Hagemeyer's assets in North America, Asia-Pacific and select European markets from Paris-based Rexel, but the plan is to do so before the end of the year.
Sonepar's strategy is to leave acquired companies' trading names and management in place; with this operating structure, the distributor recognizes that distribution is largely a local business and that it is important to cater to local needs.
In Hagemeyer's case, "We'll find there will be some ...
Now that Rexel has completed its purchase of Dutch electrical distributor Hagemeyer NV, the next step in the deal -to sell Hagemeyer's North American, Asian-Pacific and some European assets to competitor Sonepar -will take place in the next six months, Rexel CEO Jean-Charles Pauze said.
Pauze was commenting in an online video interview, posted by the company through the EuroBusiness Media site. (Interview, Transcript)
Pauze said the combination of Rexel and Hagemeyer is "historic." "Not only are we reinforcing our position worldwide, but we are becoming a very strong No. 2 in ...
Paris-based Rexel now owns 98.67% of Hagemeyer NV, and shares of Hagemeyer will no longer be publicly traded as of mid-April, the companies announced.
In November 2007, Rexel and Hagemeyer reached an agreement for Rexel to buy the Dutch electrical distributor for roughly US$4.5 billion. Rexel has agreed to sell Hagemeyer's North American, Asian-Pacific and select European businesses to Sonepar.
The overall transaction combines the strengths of three major players in the distribution of electrical supplies. The transaction will broaden Rexel's footprint across Europe, while significantly consolidating Sonepar's positions in North America and ...
Electrical supplies distributor Hagemeyer is expanding to accommodate business growth in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. The new location in Greenville adds to Hagemeyer's 300 locations across the U.S.
We are excited about this strategic location,"says Chris Union, Hagemeyer's executive VP, Contractor &Installer segment. "This is a larger facility and is much better placed to support our electrical customers. The facility is designed around our new counter sales model, allowing customers to get in and out quickly."
The new Hagemeyer location has a 4,000 square-foot product display and customer counter area and a 10,000 square-foot warehouse stocking thousands of products. Trained product specialists and customer service support personnel also will be ...
Rexel's offer for competitor Hagemeyer NV has gone through. Rexel had offered to pay nearly $4.7 billion (at current exchange rates) for the Dutch electrical distributor.
Jean-Charles Pauze, chairman of Rexel's management board, said: The success of our offer for Hagemeyer underscores the strategic merits of the transaction, which marks a step change in the distribution of electrical supplies worldwide and reinforces Rexel's leading market positions in Europe. We are greatly looking forward to moving on to the next stage, working with Hagemeyer's teams and building on a stronger platform to accelerate profitable growth."
Sonepar has agreed to buy some of Hagemeyer's assets from Rexel, including those in the U.S. Sonepar CEO Marie-Christine Coisne said the ...
Global distributor Bunzl plc announced its sales for the year ended Dec. 31, 2007, were £3,581.9 million (US$7,061 million at current exchange rates), up 12% at constant exchange rates.
Bunzl had a successful 2007 due to organic growth and strong performance from acquisitions and we are excited about recent developments, especially the entry into the promising Brazilian market," said Chief Executive Michael Roney.  "The continued strengthening of the Group gives us confidence that our business will continue to grow successfully."
Bunzl also announced it has completed three acquisitions. The company recently acquired Prot Cap Artigos para Proteção Industrial Ltda and its subsidiaries from Everaldo Baldin and Leonardo Baldin.  Based in ...

The European Commission has authorized Rexel's proposed acquisition of Hagemeyer's European assets, finalizing antitrust approvals sought by both Rexel and Sonepar in their acquisition of Hagemeyer.
The commission is requiring Rexel divest Hagemeyer's electrical wholesale business in Ireland, representing €40 million in sales.
In November 2007, Rexel and Hagemeyer reached an agreement for Rexel to buy the Dutch electrical distributor for roughly US$4.5 billion. Rexel will then sell Hagemeyer's North American, Asian-Pacific and selected European businesses to Sonepar.
The overall transaction will combine the strengths of three major players in the distribution of electrical supplies. The transaction will broaden Rexel's footprint across ...

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