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How Artificial Intelligence Disrupts Distribution: What You Must Know

Most executives have heard of AI but don’t fully understand the implications. And yet this technology could disrupt your distribution company as profoundly as the Internet did. Distributors can compete effectively by building digital capabilities to innovate and get closer to customers.

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MDM Analytics SUMMIT 2018: Distributor Analytics to Drive Competitive Advantage

Profitability. Customer lifecycle performance. Market share analysis.

To compete in disruptive, consolidating distribution markets, an analytics core capability is essential to competitive survival and advantage. Not just point solutions, but an integrated approach to keep building a foundation of analytics expertise across all aspects of your business.

Join us for this dedicated executive summit to build your roadmap for an integrated analytics program to make better decisions, guide your planning and drive your distribution business. You’ll hear from the leading experts in their core specialties – pricing, profitability, cost-to-serve, market segmentation and much more.

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