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In today’s competitive labor market, understanding compensation trends is essential. As part of our partnership with NAW, MDM is pleased to present a free webcast discussing detailed findings from NAW’s 2024 compensation study. This essential tool offers unparalleled insights into current salary and benefit trends within the wholesale distribution industry. This session will be moderated by MDM Senior Editor Vesna Brajkovic and will feature expert panelists Greg Manns of Industry Insights and Mike Emerson from Indian River Consulting. Join us to gain valuable insights from these industry leaders and stay ahead of compensation trends that impact your business. Register now to secure your spot in this essential webcast!
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving so fast that it can be hard – really hard – to keep up with the latest alphabet soup of advances. And then comes the even harder part – how can you put the latest AI to use in your business when you already have a backlog of other projects and a healthy concern for not injecting “hallucinations” into your supply chain? Join us for an educational discussion and practical demo to enable your teams to quickly harness the latest advances in AI.
Join University of Colorado’s Brian Lewandowski, MDM’s Tom Gale and Oracle NetSuite’s Ranga Bodla as they analyze economic conditions and the demand outlook for the rest of this year and beyond. The webcast will feature brand new data and insights from MDM's annual distribution benchmarking report and break down the latest economic trends, emerging growth opportunities, what to watch out for and how distributors can capitalize on the current competitive landscape.
The past three years of rapidly-evolving buying habits have shown distributors the high value of leveraging and analyzing customer data. But while most distributors agree that putting data into practice is important, how many are actually doing so, and how are they using it? In this free webcast, we’ll dive into the results of brand new MDM research that polled more than 110 distributors about how they are leveraging metrics and data analytics to support sales operations. Find out how your data analytics usage stacks up with that of your industry peers, and how modern tools can help distributors do more with less while making sales smarter, faster and easier.
Providing an extraordinary and sustainable buying experience needs more than just having the right product information in place. Today's buyers expect personalized and accurate product content – no matter where they are getting in touch with your products. In this webcast, you will learn how to create a comprehensive buying experience that reduces shopping cart cancellations, converts more customers and leads to incremental sales with greater efficiencies.
In this MDM Webcast, McKinsey Partners Alex Abdelnour and Kevin Sachs share their latest research on the recipe for leveraging innovation to win in distribution, including a panel discussion with executives who have successfully applied the recipe. Those who attended the 2022 MDM SHIFT Conference saw these McKinsey Partners present their research on what leaders have done to outperform in the evolving distribution landscape — a landscape characterized by below-GDP growth, increasing customer expectations, accelerating consolidation, increased disintermediation, non-traditional disruptors and tight labor markets. Companies that successfully transformed in this landscape showed an ability to deliver outsize growth while expanding margins. To achieve this, they innovated — whether in business model, service, experience, process or some combination.
Cyber threats and malware have been a security threat to distributors ever since they began launching websites, and those risks have grown exponentially in today’s hyper-connected business environment. But even with cyberthreats everywhere, they can easily be overlooked by businesses when speed-to-market is an utmost priority and other challenges exist. This webcast will examine what cybersecurity and malware threats exist for distributors, what they look like and what business areas are often targeted. You’ll also learn about blind spots in your cyber defenses and where you may be most vulnerable. Above all else, you’ll learn how to make your business more vigilant against these many threats and the actions you can take to avoid a crippling security breach.
Best practices for inventory management have been whiplashed from just-in-time to just-in-case. After double-digit growth years for distributors, consensus forecasts indicate a slowdown in 2023. Join us for this free one-hour webcast to better prepare your team for what’s ahead. We’ll explore the current state of inventory management after three volatile years; how to maintain lean, efficient inventory (and cash) practices with high customer-service levels; and how to increase your supply-chain visibility to ensure high service levels.
Benchmark your sales and growth expectations for 2023 with MDM’s annual industry forecast, review of macroeconomic and distribution-specific trends, and the latest exclusive Baird-MDM MarketPulse survey insights. Join Baird Senior Research Analyst David Manthey, NetSuite VP Ranga Bodla and MDM CEO Tom Gale for the data and insights on how to best navigate the conflicting market signals shaping 2023.
As we look to 2023, the economy is top of mind. Distributors that invest in tools and technology to streamline sales and distribution processes will see an increase in employee productivity and will have a distinct advantage over their competition. This webcast will look at ways distributors can accelerate their path to productivity and explore the "Why" of streamlined efficient processes; enhance the "Total Experience" for both buyers and sellers; and upgrade systems to take advantage of most recent innovations.
The most dangerous aspect of digital sales and marketing strategies is that distributors don’t know what they don’t know and tend to overlook some of the most basic components. To ensure your digital presence is elevated to its highest and most profitable level, don’t miss this webcast where author Susan Merlo shares the six steps from The Digital Distributor Program. She will explain why they are so critical to distributors in their efforts to maximize efficiencies of digital strategies, generate more valuable leads and increase sales cycle trajectory.
Distributors large and small have relied on various forms of automation to navigate the endless disruptions of the past few years. In this webcast, you’ll hear how distributors are putting automation tools to work across their operations, from warehousing, to order-taking to delivery — ultimately cutting costs, lowering risk and enhancing the customer experience in today’s environment of constant uncertainty. What part(s) of your business makes sense to implement automation? We'll look to answer that question and more. Register today.
Join us on Oct. 6 as Tom Gale and Brian Friedle discuss real-world examples that illustrate the value of using data-based technology vs. the serious financial impacts of leaving sales decisions to gut instincts. If you are a distribution or sales leader tasked with finding tech solutions that grow revenue, increasing bottom line profits and building winning sales teams, this webcast is designed for you.
Adapting to growing customer expectations for the buying experience is something every distributor is trying to get right. A differentiated buying experience is vital in a changing buyer landscape and leveraging eCommerce allows you to deliver self-service tools to buyers and free up your sales teams to focus on highest value activities. Join Ed Kennedy, Product Marketing Lead for Adobe Commerce, Jason Capshaw, Director of Demand Generation for the Dorn Group, and MDM Executive Editor Mike Hockett as they engage in a lively discussion about how to make the most of a changing distribution eCommerce environment.
Do the rumblings of a slowing economy mean distributors should dial back their business goals? It doesn’t look like it. In fact, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to expand into new markets, new products and new levels of success. You’ll come away with solid examples of where your business can expand strategically, despite challenging economic factors.
The landscape of digital platforms, networks and marketplaces has become more complex, more fragmented, and more threatening to traditional distribution channels. VCs, startups and tech monopolies are all investing heavily – and distributors risk being left behind. But there is also more opportunity for innovators. Join Alex Moazed and Nick Johnson of Applico, along with MDM’s Tom Gale, as they examine the current state of distribution tech innovation and investment, the evolution of B2B marketplaces, and effective strategies for distributors to mitigate risk and capture growth opportunities.
Register now for MDM's Annual Mid-Year Economic Update Webcast. Join economist Brian Lewandowski and MDM’s Tom Gale for a free webcast on June 2 as they provide the 2022 mid-year economic update and forecasts for U.S. market sectors and distribution verticals.
Implementing and adopting a CRM presents a unique set of challenges for distributors. When done right, a CRM will help sales teams crush their quotas, accelerate sales cycles and collaborate across the company. Join us on May 5 as we discuss the importance of finding the right CRM for your business and methods for fostering user adoption. 
Many distributors focused on e-commerce in the first round of digitizing the organization. What’s next? There are great digital power tools – AI, ML, BI, automation and more – available today, but are we in danger of putting the cart before the horse? Of pointing tech at specific problems without looking at the bigger picture? Join me for a conversation with John Wiborg, President & CEO of Stellar Industrial Supply, and Aaron Howard, CEO of Mass Ingenuity, as we discuss ways to create high-performing distribution organizations with common-sense digital deployment focused on business outcomes.
What are the requirements for an engaged customer experience in 2022? In this webcast, MDM will share the results of its latest research to benchmark how innovative distributors are transforming customer service and engagement strategies today. In a distributor panel discussion, we’ll also explore what an integrated customer-service strategy looks like, and the shifting formula of people, process and technology that provides the best results for customer retention and delight.
Supply chain shortages and inflation pressure consumed most of our attention this past year.  What can we do to stabilize operations in the midst of market turbulence, while harvesting margin buried in our data?  Join ProfitOptics Founder Tony Pericle and MDM’s Tom Gale in this interactive 60-minute webcast as they explore the power of analytics to enable your team to be agile, do more in less time, and prioritize their time to grow revenue and margin.
The challenges distributors faced these past two years are setting the agenda for 2022 – supply chain, shifting customer and workforce dynamics, margin pressures and more. Join Brian Friedle of White Cup Solutions and Tom Gale of MDM for this free one-hour webcast on Feb. 10 as we explore the analytics and KPIs helping distributors become more proactive and predictive in managing market instability.

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