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Tip: View Millennials’ Differences as Strengths

Millennials may approach business differently but that could be a benefit.

You may have tailored aspects of your selling processes to accommodate millennials in the workplace, but consider using their unique point of view to your advantage when engaging with customers, says John Wiborg, president and CEO of Stellar Industrial Supply in Selling to the Next Generation.

More millennials are being hired for procurement and B2B positions, meaning it’s critical to understand how their buying habits are different. Installing the next generation in selling positions could be the key to reaching these new buyers.

As digital natives, millennials thrive on ease of doing business, quick access to information, different ways of ordering and a strong desire to understand a product inside and out – all traits that can be easily translated to customer-facing strategies.

“This generation in particular, because they’ve seen so much rapid change, doesn’t seem to hang on to the status quo and entrenched interests in the same way,” Wiborg says. And that attitude can be especially appealing to these younger customers.  

Learn more about how to approach millennial customers in Selling to the Next Generation

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