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Day: January 17, 2018

MDM Special Report: Your Amazon Business Playbook

About this report:

This report, focusing on distribution’s omnichannel future, follows Amazon’s rise as it rapidly built the competencies needed to master B2B distribution the way it mastered the online bookstore. This report examines the threats that Amazon poses, the rise of Amazon Business – formerly AmazonSupply – and why it presents a clear threat to today’s distributor. We explore where we think Amazon Business is heading with its adaptive model and why its threat to your business has turned from disintermediation to displacement.

Articles included in this report:

  • Amazon’s Strategies and Capabilities
  • Commentary: Amazon Attacks Industries, Not Companies
  • Targeting Grainger and Beyond
  • How to respond: Options for distributors
  • Commentary: An Industry at an Inflection Point
  • Call to action in 2018

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