MDM’s 2023 Top Distributors Survey is Open!

The annual survey helps provide us with the revenue information we need to rank companies across our 17 different Top Distributors lists.
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Hello, MDM readers!

It’s time once again for us to start on the research and due diligence for our annual Top Distributors feature, which provides a snapshot of the biggest players in wholesale distribution’s industrial, commercial and building supply product sectors.

To put this major project together, we need your help. If we should consider your company for inclusion on our 2023 Top Distributors lists, we ask your company to complete our confidential survey to provide us with the information necessary to compile our rankings.

You can get started with our survey link here, or read on for more information.

Quite simply, if you want your company to appear on our 2023 Top Distributor Lists, we need its info — most notably, its 2022 revenue figure (January-December). MDM requires confirmed revenue figures for any company on the list. And we’re happy to keep that figure private upon request. 

The deadline to complete this survey is no later than April 21.

Like last year, our 2023 Top Distributors feature will display our rankings of the top distributors in North America by their 2022 calendar revenue within 17 product sectors:

  • Industrial Supplies
  • Electrical, Data & Security
  • Industrial MRO
  • Building Materials/Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Industrial PVF
  • Power Transmission/Bearings
  • Fluid Power
  • Hose/Hose Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Fasteners
  • Gases/Welding
  • Specialty Adhesives
  • Safety
  • JanSan
  • Plastics 

The finished feature will publish in June 2023. You can view MDM’s 2022 Top Distributors lists here.

We understand that there are plenty of distributors that don’t want their revenue figure shown publicly. That’s no problem. We just need it internally so we can rank your company appropriately. Distributors can note in our survey if we should not display that figure. For companies that simply are unable to share that figure, even privately, MDM will estimate its ranking position based on the best available industry resources and information.

Company revenue figures supplied or estimated by MDM are kept strictly confidential and used only for the purpose of appropriately ranking distributors on our lists.

Who at these companies should submit this information? Typically, it’s key executives or a marketing person who has been provided that info.

Note: Companies that operate primarily as master distributors aren’t eligible for Top Distributors inclusion.

Distributors that complete our survey are doing us a big favor, saving us from having to track down that needed information via emails, phone calls and industry resources. Overall, it saves us a lot of time.

Any company that ends up on our 2023 rankings is able to download an MDM 2023 Top Distributors badge denoting that accolade, which they can promote in any manner they’d like.

Get started with our 2023 Top Distributors Survey here.

Any questions regarding MDM’s 2023 Top Distributors Lists and how this works? Our 2022 feature PDF (download here) explains the methodology in full, or you can email me at

Mike Hockett,
MDM Executive Editor

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