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Professional workers in hazmat suits disinfecting indoor of cafe or restaurant, pandemic health risk, coronavirus
Industrial vending machines not only offer customers the opportunity to provide safety and PPE, but also help track employee compliance during times of heightened risk.
man holding tablet with pie chart in warehouse
There are well-known quick fixes an inventory management solution can bring to a distributor, such as cutting back on disappearing products or eliminating user error from incorrectly typed SKUs on a manual tracking spreadsheet. But the data available from inventory management platforms can also present a long-term strategic opportunity in the form of improved demand planning, exposure of costly trends and even visibility into competitors share of customer spend.

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Counterfeit Authentic Magnified
Knock-off products are found everywhere, from watches and handbags to bearings, electrical products and construction materials. The effects of counterfeit products go beyond lost revenues and the misappropriated use of anothers trademark. This article examines the scope of the current counterfeit market in distribution and what can be done to protect you, your channel partners and the products you sell.

This article includes:

  • Financial impact
  • Safety and environmental impact
  • Customer impact

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