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Digital platform consultancy ranks its top 50 B2B marketplaces, focusing exclusively on independent B2B product marketplaces that facilitate the exchange of goods between a business customer and a third party distributor and/or supplier.
visual search e-commerce distribution
Adding visual search functionality is a great way to grow revenue, says Chantal Schweizer of Earley Information Science. A preference among millennials, visual search is only going to become more and more of a requirement in the future, she argues.
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Changes in the work environment mandated by the pandemic have intensified the need for information management improvement. Knowledge graphs provide a unique way to reveal relationships among information entities and to connect the systems they support. In addition, they enable the effective use of information in AI and machine learning applications.
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During a recent “un-webinar” from MasterB2B, panelists squared off on topics such as bringing in outside B2C talent to better enable B2B e-commerce platforms and whether e-commerce teams should report to the IT side of a distributor or to the CEO/C-suite business side.