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MDM Special Report: The 2017 State of E-Commerce in Distribution


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Pages: 10 (PDF Report)

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About this report:

Continuous improvement is required to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations for their e-commerce. Amazon, Grainger and other world-class e-commerce sites are constantly monitoring customer needs and making modifications that result in better conversion, customer stickiness or other operational improvements.

As e-commerce in distribution matures, distributor priorities and targets for investment also evolve.

Who should read this report:

Distribution executives who want to understand the increasing role e-commerce is playing in the industry. This report will help you analyze the most effective targets for investment and how to improve your marketing efforts for your e-commerce platform.

Articles in this report include:

E-Commerce Inches Toward Maturity – Dean Mueller and Jonathan Bein, Ph.D.

The sixth annual MDM distribution e-commerce survey conducted with Real Results Marketing revealed several key trends.

This article includes:

  • Results of the 2017 State of E-Commerce in Distribution Survey
  • How the industry’s e-commerce offerings are maturing
  • The primary e-commerce objectives among respondents

How Marketing Guides Performance – Dean Mueller and Jonathan Bein, Ph.D.

The shift moving toward e-commerce maturity means the journey evolves as well. This article explores what is changing and what that could mean for your business.

This article includes:

  • E-commerce performance
  • Marketing vehicle effectiveness and spending rank
  • Satisfaction with returns on investment

Amazon Business: Foe with Benefits? – Thomas P. Gale

Amazon outlines distribution strategy at the NAW 2017 Executive Summit in Washington D.C.

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