MDM’s 2022 Top Distributors Survey is Now Open

Want your company to be considered for MDM's Top Distributors List? We need your info! The best way to submit it is via our survey here. Get started now.
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Since 2010, MDM’s top in-house project of the year has been its Top Distributors List, which is actually comprised of revenue-based rankings lists of distributors that shows the market leaders in 12 different industry verticals. It makes it a comprehensive directory of North America’s top distribution companies by revenue and sector.

We don’t just provide it as a nice accolade for these companies to pat themselves on the back with. We know these lists serve as a valuable resource for our readers to know who the top leaders are across various verticals. Of course, revenue is far from everything, but it’s often the first attribute looked to when figuring out who’s who in the industry. Check out our 2021 lists here.

With that, I’m happy to promote that MDM’s 2022 Top Distributors List survey is now open. This survey — which asks for basic company information, including 2021 revenue — is a key element for us to create these distributor rankings. It’s an easy way for companies to submit their info, and an easy source for us to procure it from rather than tracking it down from each individual company. The more survey responses we get, the better.

You can get started with our survey link here, or read on for more information.

Quite simply, if you want your company to appear on our Top Distributor Lists, we need its info — most notably, its 2021 revenue figure. MDM requires confirmed revenue figures for any company on the list. 

For those companies that don’t want that figure shown publicly, no problem. We just need it internally so we can rank your company appropriately. For companies that simply don’t share revenue data anywhere, MDM will estimate its ranking position based on best available industry resources and information.

Who at these companies should submit this information? Typically it’s key executives or a marketing person who has been provided that info.

Note: Master Distributors aren’t eligible for Top Distributors inclusion.

The deadline to submit company information for MDMs Top Distributor Lists is Wednesday, May 25. But the earlier, the better.

Mike Hockett
MDM Executive Editor

One thing I’ve learned in my seven-plus years covering distribution, I’ve learned that readers love rankings lists and their value as a snapshot of market leaders. They love comparing these lists year-to-year to see who moved up or down. Again, they’re not just an accolade. They’re a benchmarking resource that anyone involved with the industry can use.

Again, this survey is a big help for us, and we feel it helps candidate distributors by giving them a quick way to submit their info – cutting down on otherwise necessary communication.

The finished Top Lists report will publish in early July.

Any questions regarding our Top Distributor Lists? Email me at

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