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This issue includes...

  • Industry Addresses Talent, Technology and Tariffs
  • Commentary: Welcome to Distributions 2020 Inflection Point
  • The Central Role of Technology
  • The Specter of Economic Slowdown
  • Tackling the Talent Issue
  • Monthly Wholesale Trade Data: July 2019
  • MDM Industrial Inflation Index: August 2019
  • News Digest 4918

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China United States trade and American tariffs as two opposing cargo ships as an economic taxation dispute over import and exports concept as a 3D illustration.

Industry Addresses Talent, Technology and Tariffs

In MDMs 2019 Market Trends survey, we asked the industry to share whats on your mind as we head into 2020. The start of a new decade is carrying some old concerns with it, namely challenges surrounding retention and acquisition of talent, updating and taking advantage of evolving technology and the possibility of dealing with an economic downturn.

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MDM Industrial Inflation Index: August 2019

Modern Distribution Management's monthly Industrial Inflation Index measures a cross-section of industrial supplies.

This index includes:

  • Abrasives Products
  • Cutting Tools
  • Power Transmission Equipment
  • Fasteners
  • Valves, etc.
  • Power Tools
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Belting
  • Hand Tools
  • Misc. Metal

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