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Tip: Provide Leadership Training to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Empowered employees can make greater strides in their current roles.

Leadership training enables employees to perform better in their current roles, which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction, according to Debbie Paul in Move Beyond Sales Training.

Employees are one of the primary reasons for success in distribution, because they represent and communicate the company values and benefits to customers.

Distributors recognize the need to invest in the development and training of employees, but leadership training typically falls to the bottom of the priority list, according to the results of a recent survey by Real Results Marketing.

While training on products, selling and customer service are valuable in enabling employees to perform in their role, it is important to also prioritize training that will help employees grow with the company.

When employees feel empowered with skills that can affect customer relationships in a more strategic way, they are more satisfied with their jobs and themselves, which translate to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Read more about the importance of leadership training in Move Beyond Sales Training.

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