MDM Podcast: PTDA Leader on Adapting to Modern Recruiting Demands

The content at PTDA’s Annual Summit in late October went heavy on recruiting and retaining best practices. Here, Mike Hockett chats with association CEO Ann Arnott to discuss key takeaways from the event, which included the nontraditional methods distributors can leverage to find and keep needed staff in a time when labor is hard to come by.
PTDA ramp up

As we at MDM have detailed in numerous blogs throughout 2022, distributors need all the help they can get right now on the labor front. Whether that’s in recruiting new talent or finding ways to get current talent to stay, distributors have found that simply posting job openings, promoting competitive compensation and instituting casual Fridays doesn’t cut it anymore. Like most industries, leverage in the distribution job market has swung definitely to candidates, and distributors have struggled to adapt.

Distributors have typically never been keen on self-promotion. Most seem to be just fine with their understated role in the supply chain. But when it comes to hiring, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.