March 10, 2020 - Modern Distribution Management

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March 10, 2020

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What poses the greatest threat to the master distributor model? Ask two of the master distributors featured in the latest issue of MDM Premium and they will share a similar response. Driven by factors such as increasing consolidation and the emergence of e-commerce marketplaces, homogenization and commoditization threaten to strip away the uniqueness of individual master distributors, disrupting their ability to invest in customer service and brand differentiation. Of course, master distributors don’t operate in a vacuum. The same issues they face are felt by the distributors they serve. That theme is reflected throughout this issue of MDM Premium. Our other two features — a Q&A with Cook & Boardman CEO Darrin Anderson and a feature on five emerging job roles in distribution — provide insight on specific actions distributors are taking to keep up with the pace of overall industry transformation.

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How Distribution Can Draw in the Next Generation

Studies show the youngest generation entering the workforce start looking for a potential career path early in their education, and many are drawn to tech-based careers. MDMs Future Leaders Awards highlight young, emerging talent who are already thriving in the industry and provide examples of how distributors can attract such leaders to join their business.

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‘Everything is Driven by Data’

The 40-year-old president of Surgical Product Solutions found a niche to fill in redistribution of surplus surgical supplies and is able to meet growing demand for thousands of SKUs by putting his expertise into a robust, data-backed platform.

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A Self-Driven Success Story

Now customer support manager, Palmer Johnson Power Systems Mary Klett quickly rose through the ranks at the company after starting as a customer service rep, thanks to the 38-year-olds willingness to take on new opportunities, like gamification, and her exceptional ability to support her team.

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A Natural Knack for Distribution

Zach Brados rise from intern to director of business development by way of the marketing department at NetPlus Alliance comes from the 30-year-olds drive to get to know the buying groups partners from the inside out and his instinctive ability to meet the needs of colleagues and customers alike.

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On July 20, Columbus, Ohio-based industrial equipment service provider OTC Industrial Technologies announced that it has partnered with Quincy Compressors, a manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors headquartered in Bay Minette, Alabama.

3 Levers to Improve Your Sales Process

Customers continue to leverage digital and e-commerce tools to improve their buying processes. But for many distributors, their outside sales model isnt working as effectively as in the past to keep up with how customers want to buy. That growing gap is why a dedicated part of our research and coverage has been on the strategies, best practices and tactics for how to transform the sales process to reduce selling costs and increase efficiency and customer engagement. And its why the prize when it comes to increasing sales performance is on specific ways to become a more buyer-centric seller.

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