Day: March 25, 2020

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What poses the greatest threat to the master distributor model? Ask two of the master distributors featured in the latest issue of MDM Premium and they will share a similar response. Driven by factors such as increasing consolidation and the emergence of e-commerce marketplaces, homogenization and commoditization threaten to strip away the uniqueness of individual master distributors, disrupting their ability to invest in customer service and brand differentiation. Of course, master distributors don’t operate in a vacuum. The same issues they face are felt by the distributors they serve. That theme is reflected throughout this issue of MDM Premium. Our other two features — a Q&A with Cook & Boardman CEO Darrin Anderson and a feature on five emerging job roles in distribution — provide insight on specific actions distributors are taking to keep up with the pace of overall industry transformation.

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COVID-19: Distributors Work to Keep Pace with Demand

Distributors are responding to customer concerns and increased demand on staff in a variety of ways, including limiting new business to meet existing customer demand; open communication on shortages and supplier allocations, and discouraging panic by not accepting returns beyond normal usage patterns. Face the crisis with a sense of flexibility and resilience, experts say.

‘Trust the System’: A Data-Backed Commitment to Automation

Known for his engaged and strategic perspective and strong leadership qualities, the 37-year-old Florian Ostendarp is leading the charge to automate as many processes as possible for the distribution company. Already about 80% of purchase orders are automatically processed and 67% of order confirmations are completely electronic.

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MDM LIVE: Covid-19 Impacts

Please join us for our live program this Friday, Mar. 27, 2-4 pm Eastern, where our guests will share their experiences and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on customers, suppliers, operations and team. Your co-hosts will be Tom Gale and John Gunderson of MDM, and Mike Marks of Indian River Consulting Group.