MDM’s Most Popular Podcast Content from 2022

During the year, MDM and its guests recorded 50 podcasts. These are the ones that drew the most interest.
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MDM recorded nearly one podcast every week during 2022, and earlier this week we continued the trend with our first podcast of the new year. And while we and our guests kept a steady pace of churning out insightful, actionable audio content each week, there was one particular news item that held our audience’s attention early in the year. MDM’s coverage of Motion’s acquisition of Kaman Distribution Group resulted in a lot of page views and podcasts listens from late 2021 through early 2022. Last year, our most-listened-to podcast was MDM CEO Tom Gale’s conversation with Motion President Randy Breaux about the $1.3 billion acquisition. What was the most-read podcast recap? Our summary of that podcast, which published Feb. 9. The deal made huge waves in the industrial distribution industry, and our numbers show it.

But there were many other podcasts our audience also seemed to enjoy. Here are the most popular MDM podcasts from 2022, based on the number of listens:

1) Motion Industries President Randy Breaux breaks down the Kaman Distribution Group acquisition.

If you didn’t see our email announcement about it, Breaux is part of MDM’s upcoming Virtual M&A Conference, held Feb. 22-23. We’ll have a fireside chat with him where we get an update on Motion’s integration of KDG, what both sides learned during the deal process and Breaux’s general insights into what makes a successful acquisition.

2) Grainger’s CFO Talks Tech Stack, Pricing Strategy and More

3) The Mandate for Hybrid Sales Models in Distribution

4) Larry Davis, AgoNow CEO, on the Mandate for Digitizing the Customer Journey Across Industrial Channels

5) From its Expo, We Go Inside Fastenal With Dan Florness

6) Here’s How Bluon is Changing the HVAC Game

7) Digital Transformation: What Does it Really Mean for Distributors?

8) Channel Dynamics, the Value of Distribution, Sales and Leadership

9) Global Industrial CEO Barry Litwin on 2021 Financials and Strategy Update

10) Tony Pericle, ProfitOptics CEO and Founder, on the Power of Analytics for Distributors

And here are the most-read MDM podcast recaps from 2022, based on page views:

  1. Inside the Motion Industries-Kaman Distribution Group Acquisition
  2. Here’s How Bluon is Changing the HVAC Game
  3. The Argument for a Small Distributor Renaissance
  4. From its Expo, We Go Inside Fastenal with Dan Florness
  5. The Mandate for Hybrid Sales Models in Distribution
  6. Distribution Fragmentation isn’t Just Sector-Wide, it’s Within Each Market
  7. Shifting Channel Dynamics in 2022
  8. Want to Enhance Your Website? Think Like a Content Storyteller
  9. QuickTake: Mindsets for Managing a Slowdown
  10. The Power of Analytics for Distributors

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