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The Mask-to-Mask Distribution Environment is Changing Everything

The B2B distribution business has been adjusting to the new mask-to-mask business environment by changing how distributors handle inventory, deliver products and communicate with customers. The most difficult adjustment has been letting go of the old sales coverage plan.

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59 Questions for Distributors to Assess Your Pandemic Response

Identify strengths and weaknesses across three business sectors — process, technology and people — to improve ongoing company performance.

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Remote Sales

The Skills That Will Strengthen Your Sales Team’s Remote Selling Style

Mine existing accounts, focus on empathy and serve customers the way they want to be served.

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Sales & Marketing

Character Traits that Strengthen Remote Sales Management

Managers who prioritize strengthening the emotional intelligence skills of their sales team, such as empathy, find customers feel more connected and are more likely to share pain points that lead to purchases.


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In this issue of MDM Premium, we provide a variety of ways for distributors to improve business practices — starting with a look at the altered M&A landscape and which companies are most likely to have an advantage in today's marketplace. Then, you'll read how remote sales management often requires sales leaders to focus on soft-selling skills. And finally, pick up some tips on how to adjust inventory management planning when demand is anything but typical.

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Sales & Marketing

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Distribution Sales Transformation

More distributors are taking a rapid and growing interest in sales transformation and rethinking how they enable their sales teams to perform.

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5 Rules for Conducting a Pricing Reset

In the past, distributors would often sacrifice margins to gain market share and drive the topline. However, such tactics negate a strategic pricing process, rendering it nearly nonexistent. Without process, your people must make pricing decisions in a vacuum. As hard as they might try to compensate for and cope with inefficiencies, and as effective as their efforts might be in the short-term, you can’t expect them to sustain healthy margins in the long run.

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Economic Trends

Outside Sales Pricing Support During an Economic Slowdown

In many cases, distributor sales people report that they cant remember the last time they have reviewed their pricing with their leaders. MDMs John Gunderson shares five steps pricing teams take to maintain margins.

Sales & Marketing

Why ‘Great Customer Service’ Means ‘No Customer Service’

Barry Litwin, CEO of Global Industrial parent company Systemax Inc., says the right digital capabilities can practically eliminate the need for customer service because everything gets done online. He shared the companys digital journey on the most recent episode of MDM Live.

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Download this Issue as a PDF: June 10, 2020

This is the PDF of this issue of Modern Distribution Management.

In this issue of Premium, you'll find content centered around tools to take your business into its next phase. You will learn about Global Industrial's new R3 campaign that positions its products for customers' return-to-work needs, find out how to improve your long-term company performance in any climate, and discover how Vallen is using its new VICKIE program to strengthen its talent and leadership pipeline. 

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Sales & Marketing

Agile Price Management in the COVID-19 Era

Some distributors are updating their price segmentation schemes to ensure they reflect these evolving conditions by overlaying a COVID-19 demand category attribute to complement traditional segmentation schemes.

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