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The Mask-to-Mask Distribution Environment is Changing Everything

The B2B distribution business has been adjusting to the new mask-to-mask business environment by changing how distributors handle inventory, deliver products and communicate with customers. The most difficult adjustment has been letting go of the old sales coverage plan.

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5 Ways AI Websites Outsell Regular E-Commerce

Optimize search results, facilitate up-sells and cross-sells, promote items that need to turn quickly and elevate private-label products all ways distributors can use AI to transform websites from order-taking to order-making assets.

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Navigate the ‘New Normal’ By Innovating Your Sales Model

Distribution leaders that emphasize innovation during this time of uncertainty will be at an advantage when the so-called new normal whatever that looks like has settled in. One area where companies can innovate is by transforming their sales models. The latest MDM Live explains why.

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Behind Gustave A. Larson’s Timely Pre-Pandemic Pivot

Over the last two years, Milwaukee-based HVACR distributor Gustave A. Larson Co. has transitioned from outside to inside sales, a move that became reality at the start of 2020. That sales model transformation has paid dividends during the coronavirus crisis, and now the company enters the post-pandemic well-positioned for the summer surge.

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Be Proactive About Coronavirus Price Fluctuations with a Tracking System

When volume compresses, your contract pricing will be under pressure from your end customers. At the same time, you will have to react to many price changes from your manufacturer partners. MDMs John Gunderson says, if you dont have a tracking system built for your CSP/contract prices, it is time to get one in place.


Today’s Litmus Test for Distributors

Blindly following a competitors lead or treating every customer the same are two common mistakes that distributors cant afford to make in todays environment. Consultant Robert Sabath explains how these and other common actions can hold you back.

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Opportunities and Challenges in a Shifting Distribution Market

Tracking industry and customer data can provide distributors with a window into future planning as the market continues to shift during the coronavirus crisis. Channel Marketing Groups David Gordon suggests elements to consider, ranging from pricing pressures to the availability of talent.

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New Podcast: How Innovation Can Help Distributors Map New Growth Strategies

Products, features and benefits. How are we doing (or not doing) on monthly goals set up with Supplier A or Supplier B? These are the day-to-day conversations that, while particularly urgent in the current uncharted pandemic-infested waters, can get in the way of deeper strategic conversations about how to create more value for customers. In this third podcast of our three-part series on innovation, Dorn Groups J Schneider maps how to rethink your business model to build a more customer-centric and innovative organization.

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Texas A&M Distribution Students Visualize Industry’s Digital Future

In a recent virtual conversation with a few hundred Texas A&M Industrial Distribution students, the next generation had a lot to say about what changes they see in B2B distribution after the full impact of COVID-19 becomes clear. The future of distribution is moving faster than any of us thought possible, and its looking brighter with the talent coming online.

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Building Controls & Solutions Uses COVID-19 Distancing to Strengthen Employee Skills

For employees who are traditionally customer-service oriented, making cold calls requires a different skill set. Eric Chernik, CEO of Building Controls & Solutions, is providing training and tools for all employees, such as customer call lists with outbound call scripts, to grow business during the coronavirus slowdown.

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Support Your Customers: Don’t Stop Selling Because of Coronavirus, Part 2

COVID-19 has sped up the digital evolution of the sales department. MDMs John Gunderson explains how to keep your sales people selling with the effective tactics they have picked up during coronavirus distancing, put an end to ineffective practices of the past, and use data to take share from competitors even in a down market.

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